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Your time impact lives


Over the last 55 years, RCMA has worked hand-in-hand with families to help them leverage their strengths and overcome the challenges seasonal migrant work presents for the education of their children. With our collaboration, over 40,000 children have made quality education a reality.

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Child development centers

Helping thousands of children across 21 counties requires a lot of space to serve them in. We’ve grown to 63 child development centers, and with the support of our donors, we can broaden our positive impact to a greater number and variety of communities where underprivileged children need educational resources.

Open a Door. Volunteer Today.


Our family of employees at RCMA is our greatest resource. These dedicated and passionate souls provide the day-in, day-out work that’s necessary to help dreams come to life for thousands of children and their families every year. Many of us here at RCMA were alumni ourselves, and now we get to serve with gratitude families just like ours.

Careers & Employment

Charter Schools

RCMA operates 3 charter schools and is growing!  Serving more than 560 students, RCMA’s charter school program extends RCMA’s holistic approach to learning and commitment to excellence in education, from kindergarten through the 8th grade.

Our Charter Schools